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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Thank You Mert!
A huge thank you to Mert! He is an amazing driving instructor. Continuously kind, patient and supportive despite my silly mistakes at times! He never gave up hope on me and made sure I was confident on the roads before going for my test and when I passed, the examiner mentioned that I am a very confident driver! I am grateful to Mert for giving me the confidence I needed to succeed. I am so glad I found him! If you’re thinking about it, I’d say go for it! I couldn’t recommend him enough!

Rodrigo Oliver LeeRodrigo Oliver Lee
Great Instructor!
I passed my driving practical test and I would highly recommended Mert as a driving instructor. He was patient, calm, methodical and easy to get along with. Mert was very good in building my confidence that I did not have, he quickly identified my weaknesses and he patiently worked on them. He adapted his teaching driving skills to my needs. I enjoyed my time learning to drive during my intensive course. I completed my driving course within 6 days. It was a brilliant experience and I would like to say a big thank you to Mert for all his support.

Nelopa BegumNelopa Begum
5 Star Instructor!!!
Thank you Mert for your overwhelming assistance in me achieving my goal to pass my driving. The infinite wisdom that you posess in driving techniques has enabled me to navigate through harsh driving conditions to achieve a high standard where i become confident in my driving abilities. Your tactfulness and patience allowed me to adapt and improve consistantly lesson by lesson. Thank you once again and i will defo be passing your number to whoever wishes to take lessons All the best

Meldoy AdamsMeldoy Adams
First Time Pass!!!
I did a one-week intensive driving course with Mert, it was a steep learning curve but he guided me through it all until I was confident on the road. By the end of the week, I passed first time with 3 minors. Very happy with that result, thanks Mert!

Constantin IonescuConstantin Ionescu
First Attept Pass with Mert
I`ve passed recently my driving test on my first attempt after I took an intensive course with Mert. I would recommend him as an excellent instructor to anyone wishing to take training and pass their driving test since he is very keen to teach you to drive safely and get well prepared before the test. Besides the driving lesson, he will also recommend you the books that you need to buy and the sources from where you get online training. The LDC material is well structured, easy to understand it and planned in such a manner to make you achieve the highest outcome. As an instructor, Mert is a very patient person and he is not getting nervous when someone is doing mistakes while learning to drive. He is attentive, supportive and friendly and aims to keep the things simple while teaching you to drive. Overall, the course is excellent. Thanks, Mert and good luck to everyone!

Fantastic Driving Instructor
Mert my driving instructor was fantastic; calm, patient and extremely encouraging I would recommend him to anybody looking to start driving lessons. After being let down by another instructor, Mert stepped in and it was plain sailing from then on, he was extremely punctual and made me feel comfortable from the moment I stepped into the car, has a very good sense of humour and made a daunting task feel a hell of a lot easier, and with credit to him I passed my test first time with just 1 minor! I would like to thank Mert for his time and hopefully I’ll see you on the roads soon !

Excellent Instructor
Mert is a very good instructor. The driving lessons were very clear and easy to understand. Mert got me ready for the driving test within a short time and I passed first time. Mert is an excellent instructor and highly recommended.

Highly Recommended
I can highly recommend Mert as a driving instructor., very calm and informative. Thank you Mert for getting me the pass I needed first time round.

Professional Instructor
It was a great experience learning with Mert. He is very patient and full of experience. He taught me driving techniques in very practical ways and also encouraged me a lot. I'm now a very confident driver and that's all because of Mert. I will definitely recommend Mert to anyone who wishes to learn driving.

Great Instructor!
Starting off as someone very nervous on the road, Mert's calm and friendly approach was perfect for someone like me. With the added pressure of being 7 months pregnant, Mert was fantastic at helping me plan my route to success with the intensive driving course. He made driving 4 hours a day a relaxing and enjoyable experience and built my confidence to be able to pass with just one minor! No information overload and great assistance in guiding me to trust my own driving instincts. Highly recommend and I plan to take my pass plus course with Mert as soon as the baby arrives!

Amazing Instructor
Mert is an amazing instructor and he helped me to achieve my driving skills to an excellent level. I passed with ZERO Minors under the instructions he provided which now means I get my freedom finally! I recommend Mert to anyone who is aiming to pass successfully. Just so you all know I chose Mert for my “Pass Plus” too knowing that he will be the best instructor who will help me to gain my confidence on motorways and country roads in different weather conditions. We even managed to have a driving lesson on ice! – you don’t get to practise that, do you?

Absolutely fantastic instructor, very patient, extremely calm and friendly. Don’t worry when you doubt your skill as when you do mistake is not “your fault” is “our fault “ that’s what Mert always says – no blaming culture, no pointing mistake or lack of confident – This driving instructor concentrate only on making sure that you drive safe, you understand what is right and what is wrong and that you are making progress in your own pace gaining confidence which leads to getting your driving licence . I do Highly recommend Mert to anyone!

Awesome First Time Pass with Mert
I began my lessons with Mert as an extremely nervous non-driver. I had several negative experiences prior to starting, but I found Mert to be very calming & he quickly helped build my confidence. Suddenly I found myself actually enjoying the lessons, something I never thought would happen! Before a lesson, and with the help of the LD System, I was able to identify elements I wanted to concentrate on which gave me a sense of control over the process & helped me gain experience. I would highly recommend Mert as an instructor, he showed extreme patience & most of all had a sense of humour!

An Experienced Driving Instructor!
Mert is a very experienced driving instructor. He taught me a lot of skills not just for passing the test. He explains things clearly and comprehensively. Overall I had very good learning experience so will definitely recommend to other people to take his lessons.

First Time Pass with Mert!
I was looking for an instructor who would be able to pick up my lessons from where I left over (which was years ago - never bothered to finish them). I came across Mert through another instructor who recommended me Mert. Right from my first lesson he understood how I learnt and what was the best teaching method for me. Can not recommend Mert enough - passed my test the FIRST time. Mert was absolutely fantastic as a instructor and more importantly he was realistic - told you how things were instead of inflating your ego. Having said that he was calm and dealt with any issues in a constructive way which I believe is the most effective approach. It was an absolute pleasure being taught by Mert and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to start taking lessons.

Thanks Mert!!!
I was a very nervous student and the thought of driving a car made me extremely nervous. I had tried different instructors without much success of even getting off to a start on the first lesson. Having lost faith in the whole idea, Mert took me on and assured me that things aren't as doom and gloom as I had imagined. He ensured i was comfortable about it and took me through the process of learning at my own pace that i was comfortable with. He was professional and polite throughout. Mert had taken me from a very nervous learner to a confident driver. I have passed my test with very few driver faults and I feel happy and glad i chose to do my lessons with Mert. I would highly recommend him.

Highly Recommended
Mert is a really good instructor. I learned from zero and felt more confident lesson after lesson. Mert was very professional, friendly and patient with me. I enjoyed my lessons and always felt calm. Today I feel ready for the roads and confident as a driver. I recommend Mert to every learner (beginner or advanced). I wouldn’t be here today without this teacher. Also, the lesson prices was honest and I never felt “stolen”. Again, I highly recommended Mert.

Great Instructor
Mert is a great instructor who helped me pass the first time. I already knew how to drive but Mert helped me iron out my bad habits and improved my road awareness as well as road safety in order to get me through my test successfully. Highly recommended.

A Five Star Driving Instructor!
As a 30 year old man that had no previous driving experience I was, understandably, anxious and sceptical about my driving abilities. Luckily, Mert was a fantastic instructor who put me at ease immediately. Mert is able to push you to perfect your driving skills quickly whilst also being considerate of areas that you may find stressful and challenging, thus allowing you to comfortably develop your driving. A personal example, was how challenging I initially found hill starts. Mert, repeatedly practised hill starts with me and was always considerate enough not to overly focus on it for a whole lesson. It’s nice to practice areas you need to improve for some of the lesson but after a while it becomes tiring; Mert always provided a nice balance of developing each of my skills to keep be positive and motivated through each lesson. Another important aspect for me was that I needed a reliable instructor. It’s important you can trust your instructor to turn up on time and not cancel at short notice, especially when working full time like myself. I did lessons with Safia after work and on weekends. Mert always give me plenty of warning on her availability so we could find a schedule that worked. I would happily recommend Mert as an instructor.