Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Nazia AhmedNazia Ahmed
First Time Pass with Mert!
I was looking for an instructor who would be able to pick up my lessons from where I left over (which was years ago - never bothered to finish them). I came across Mert through another instructor who recommended me Mert. Right from my first lesson he understood how I learnt and what was the best teaching method for me. Can not recommend Mert enough - passed my test the FIRST time. Mert was absolutely fantastic as a instructor and more importantly he was realistic - told you how things were instead of inflating your ego. Having said that he was calm and dealt with any issues in a constructive way which I believe is the most effective approach. It was an absolute pleasure being taught by Mert and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to start taking lessons.

Irina HuciuIrina Huciu
Thanks Mert!!!
I was a very nervous student and the thought of driving a car made me extremely nervous. I had tried different instructors without much success of even getting off to a start on the first lesson. Having lost faith in the whole idea, Mert took me on and assured me that things aren't as doom and gloom as I had imagined. He ensured i was comfortable about it and took me through the process of learning at my own pace that i was comfortable with. He was professional and polite throughout. Mert had taken me from a very nervous learner to a confident driver. I have passed my test with very few driver faults and I feel happy and glad i chose to do my lessons with Mert. I would highly recommend him.

Camille RaynalCamille Raynal
Highly Recommended
Mert is a really good instructor. I learned from zero and felt more confident lesson after lesson. Mert was very professional, friendly and patient with me. I enjoyed my lessons and always felt calm. Today I feel ready for the roads and confident as a driver. I recommend Mert to every learner (beginner or advanced). I wouldn’t be here today without this teacher. Also, the lesson prices was honest and I never felt “stolen”. Again, I highly recommended Mert.

Natalya IsmailNatalya Ismail
Great Instructor
Mert is a great instructor who helped me pass the first time. I already knew how to drive but Mert helped me iron out my bad habits and improved my road awareness as well as road safety in order to get me through my test successfully. Highly recommended.

Lucas RichardsLucas Richards
A Five Star Driving Instructor!
As a 30 year old man that had no previous driving experience I was, understandably, anxious and sceptical about my driving abilities. Luckily, Mert was a fantastic instructor who put me at ease immediately. Mert is able to push you to perfect your driving skills quickly whilst also being considerate of areas that you may find stressful and challenging, thus allowing you to comfortably develop your driving. A personal example, was how challenging I initially found hill starts. Mert, repeatedly practised hill starts with me and was always considerate enough not to overly focus on it for a whole lesson. It’s nice to practice areas you need to improve for some of the lesson but after a while it becomes tiring; Mert always provided a nice balance of developing each of my skills to keep be positive and motivated through each lesson. Another important aspect for me was that I needed a reliable instructor. It’s important you can trust your instructor to turn up on time and not cancel at short notice, especially when working full time like myself. I did lessons with Safia after work and on weekends. Mert always give me plenty of warning on her availability so we could find a schedule that worked. I would happily recommend Mert as an instructor.